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We can help you identify which foods work well for you!

Do you want to know if you can optimize your energy by changing your diet?


Measure at home

Use our clinically validated breath test at the convenience of your home. A single breath will give you insights into how food is affecting your digestion.


Get personal advice

Everyone is different. You will receive personal advice so you can reach your personal goals.


Improve well-being

We help you make the right changes to your diet. You can also book a session with one of our nutrition and health experts.

Science behind it

We provide a solution that transforms your understanding of what you eat.


Our solution for food intolerance

When food is not digested fully, harmless bacteria in your gut break down the food, producing hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and, in about one-third of all people, methane. A small amount of these gases is absorbed into your blood before transferring to your breath via your lungs. We can measure these gases based on your breath.

How do you do the test?

Our measurement procedure is extremely simple. In the morning you will drink a substance such as lactose drink, Repiro Life app will ask you to measure your breath every half an hour for about two hours. That is it, no doctor appointments and hospital visits.

Our technology

Our device uses hydrogen, methane and CO2 breath testing, which is a technology used in top hospitals today. Soon you will find the results of the comparison between our device and a leading clinical breath analysis device.

Currently offering

Test your digestion with advanced non-invasive methods

Food intolerance

Personalized nutrition

Nutrition expert 30 min session

What People Say About Us

RespiQ is all about actionable insights to improve your well-being


"I want to optimize my life."


"I am interested in insights that are actionable."


"Seldom you meet a doctor willing to investigate digestion discomfort."

About Us

We are an early stage startup passionate about helping people live more healthy, feel better, and prevent disease. Did you know that your breath contains a lot of information about your current health? Did you know for example that there are dogs that can "snif' that you have cancer? Imagine that we could detect multiple diseases early, just by measuring your breath...

We are building RespiQ technology, an affordable new technology that can detect multiple disease biomarkers in your breath, using a handheld device that can be used at home. Clinical research is showing more and more promising results, for example discovery of disease biomarkers for lung cancer, breath cancer and asthma is going well and the biological pathways of disease processes becomes clearer. When researchers have good insights into disease biomarkers for a specific disease, our technology could be used to detect these biomarkers.

We are starting with enabling healthy people detect if they have a food intolerance, conveniently at home using a simple test, enabling them to improve their diet and feel more energized. Over time we aim to give our users additional health insights using the same RespiQ technology.

It's an exciting journey ahead of us and we aim to contribute to your health and the availability of insightful breath diagnostics at home.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop the most affordable and accurate breath analyses that can be used at home and at point of care.

Our Vision

We aim to impact the health of millions of people by providing affordable and accurate breath tests that can diagnose diseases early and pain free.

Our amazing team

We build the real value


Mira Gleisberg

CEO and health tech evangelist
Vitalii Vorkov picture

Vitalii Vorkov

CTO and innovation aficianado
Philip Siberg square

Philip Siberg

Advisor and serial medtech entrepreneur

João Cavaleiro Rufo

Advisor and breathomics expert

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